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florence for kids

Florence for kids

During this unique tour your children will not only hear the most interesting and important facts about the history of Florence, they will also taste delicious gelato. Incidentally, gelato contains less fat than conventional ice cream – up to eight percent, so adults can join too!

So, your sightseeing trip begins with the Florence Piazza della Repubblica. The famous carousel is located on the square. Your enthralling guide Marina will offer your child an exciting interactive game called “Treasure Hunt.” This will be a list of animals or other elements in Florentine areas. Tasks can vary depending on the age and interests of your children.

Next you will go to famous landmarks such as the Piazza del Duomo, with its magnificent cathedral and monumental dome. Adults and children alike are affected by the power of the building – therefore your guide will offer your child games related to the structure and geometry of the Duomo of Florence. In search of the treasure you happen upon the “Gelato” laboratory, where fresh gelato is prepared right in front of you! You can stop and taste your favorite flavor. The taste of this gelato is named after a famous Italian, Leonardo da Vinci. These famous names glorified Florence!

By the way, did you know it was here in the city where gelato was first invented? The story begins in 1559, when the architect Buontalenti was responsible for preparing the banquet in the Medici courtyard. The Duke decided to impress his guests. He came up with a cream from a mixture of orange, lemon, honey, bergamot, eggs, and wine and gave it to his guests. This cream was such a success and his recipe was spread around the world – therefore he is forefather of the modern gelato.

Your children can feel what is was like in the Medici court in the Palazzo Vecchio, or the Old Palace. If desired, you can visit the Palace and witness unique children’s entertainment. Your kids wil participate in a theatrical show with the “master” of the house – Duke Cosimo de Medici. Children can try on masks and clothing from the Florentine Medici era, as well as visit the secret corridors and rooms. Piazza della Signoria is the last playground for “Treasure Hunt” and the results will be announced! But we are sure of one thing; your child will be happy and leave with new information about Florence! This tour is exemplary. Therefore, if you have some spare time and want to “taste” the best in Florence, please contact us for details or to order a tour.

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