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Экскурсия в Галерею Уффици

Uffizi Gallery Tour

You will be introduced to the best masterpieces of the Renaissance during a tour of the Uffizi Gallery, along with your English speaking guide and a professional art historian.
You can book your tickets directly in advance or from me. I advise you to book tickets in advance, because from March to November you can lose precious time standing in line at the Gallery.
So, the Uffizi Gallery was originally intended for offices in Florence – in Latin the word means “office.” They built a wonderful building in the classical style under the rule of Cosimo I de Medici and supervised by Giorgio Vasari in the second half of the 16th century.
Later, during the reign of the next Florentine dynasty of the Dukes of Lorraine decided to create a museum in the Uffizi.
It is difficult to estimate how many masterpieces are stored in the Uffizi. They all need to be seen firsthand! Let us talk about some of them.
For example, “The Virgin Mary of All Saints,” which was created by Giotto, the great painter of the Early Renaissance. In his works we see a lot of new, improved, both in the structure of the painting and in live performance figures. So I want to compare the work of Giotto and “Madonna,” the old style of Cimabue, which is also located in this room.
If we compare it, it is curious that the hall also features works by the scandalous artist-monk Filippo Lippi and his son Filippino. For example I prefer the older works of Lippi, his soft and gentle contours of the figures, like the famous “Madonna with Child” which shows the very beautiful Lucrezia, which changed Filippo’s life.
Later, it will take a great sensual style of Botticelli for his most famous works, “Spring” and “Birth of Venus.” By the way, the world’s largest collection of Florentine art can be seen in the next room.
“Diptych of the Duke of Urbino” by Piero della Francesca, “The Annunciation” by Leonardo da Vinci and other masterpieces await you in the museum.
During a walk through of the gallery you will see a panorama of the Arno River, the famous Vasari Corridor, and, of course, the Old Bridge. You are already familiar with its stories and legends? If not, I suggest you book our walking tour of Florence.
After a panoramic view of the Oltrarno and the Old Bridge, we look at Michelangelo’s room. Here is the only work of Buonarroti in Florence. “The Holy Family” or “Tondo Doni” is shocking in the vividness of his performance. It is no coincidence that Michelangelo primarily called himself a sculptor!
For dessert in the Uffizi Gallery you can try a hall dedicated to the works of Raphael, as well as several paintings of the damned genius of Caravaggio.
Thus, ordering the author’s tour of the Uffizi Gallery with an English speaking guide, an art critic, and in 2-3 hours you will see all the most important things you need to look at in the Uffizi Gallery.

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    Вы смогли бы послать мне полный перечень экскурсий и стоимость.
    Мы собираемся ехать во Флоренцию с 29 апреля по 4 мая.
    Хотим поехать в Пизу и Сатурнию (термы)

  • Galyna :

    Добрый вечер! Хотели бы присоединится к вашим экскурсиям ,будем во Флоренции 7,8 января,2016

  • Алексей :

    Здравствуйте. Мы хотели бы заказать экскурсию в галерею уфици на 22 февраля 2017. Желательно в 11 утра.билеты пока не купили.

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