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Vatican Gardens tour (Rome)

I suggest that you plunge into the heart of the Christian world – the Vatican City State.

You will enjoy an exclusive tour of the closed state, which is only 44 hectares and is home to no more than a thousand people. This tiny state is an enclave within the territory of Rome.

The Vatican appeared in 1929, just after the conclusion of the Latern Agreements between the Pope and the Italian Government. More than one billion Catholics on earth listen to the opinion of the ruler of the Vatican –the Pope or Pontiff.

The mysterious Vatican will open its doors for the first time for your tour. You will be able to see St. Peter’s Basilica, the Apostolic Palace, and the Sistine Chapel, all which are located in the territory of the Vatican.

English-speaking employees of the Vatican will show you the heart of the Vatican – St. Peter’s Basilica.

Created at the burial site of the first pope, St. Peter’s Cathedral was rebuilt several times. The first church dates back to the 4th century. But the modern Cathedral is the result of a hundred and twenty years of the best artists of the Renaissance. That is the grand dome of the Cathedral! Michelangelo, Maderno, Bramante, and Rafael put their geniuses and talent together to create the largest Christian cathedral in the world, St. Peter’s Cathedral!

Climb over the dome and look out over Rome! It is the highest point of the Eternal City.

Then we invite you to come down and visit the grottoes of St. Peter’s, where you can feel the atmosphere of the tombs of the Popes and several European rulers.

You can visit the site of martyrdom of the Apostle Pete, to learn about his life in Rome.

Discover the history of the Vatican, this amazing city with its modern life. The papal city has a striking architecture at the grand park: there is also a French garden, English garden, and of course, the Italian garden. The uniqueness of the place emphasizes the harmony grottos, fountains, and exotic trees – gifts from Pontiffs around the world.

Finally, you will see the infrastructure of the Vatican: the Pope’s helipad, houses, the Vatican Radio, and the state TV channel, as well as the smallest railway line in the world.

Please book a tour in advance as some parts of the Vatican requires a separate pass.

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