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Venice and best sweets

Welcome to one of the most famous and romantic cities in the world – Venice!

Your tour will begin with St. Mark’s Square. You will learn about the times when there was a political and economic center in the Most Serene Republic; how in the 9th century the doge (ruler of Venice) decided to move his residence here and built a fortress.

But the best protection for the lagoon city soon became the site of the ducal castle Palazzo Duclae, or the Doge’s Palace, one of the most elegant and magnificent creations of Gothic art. You will walk into the famous Piazza San Marco, where the office buildings of the Most Serene Republic once were – Old and New Procuratie. Finally, you will visit the grandiose Basilica of St. Mark. This church was the center of the sacred and religious life of the city for ten centuries: it is built in the Byzantine style modeled off the Church of the Twelve Apostles in Constantinople. This choice was not accidental: Venice was reputed to be the main port for products of the East to go to Europe. You will go to the central gate of the five inputs.

The Basilica opens in front of you like a huge Bible; there are more than four thousand meters of mosaics on the walls and vaults of the church, depicting Christian history. The mosaics are created from Murano glass. It is mirrored in the rays of light in different directions, creating a truly mystical atmosphere in the Basilica of St. Mark’s.

Then you will see a mosaic of stories from the life of St. Mark, as well visiting the lodge at the top where the four statues of bronze horses which are brought from the crusade of the Doge Dandolo in the 13 century.

After the Basilica you will pass by the Clock Tower, where your guide will tell you about the legend of the Clock Tower, and then your guide will lead you to the shopping streets of Venice – Mercerie. It was here that in ancient times it was possible to find the valuable and rare goods imported from distant countries. Today it is an elegant shopping district.

Finally your guide will lead you to the most famous bridge in Venice – Rialto. It is here where the first Venetian settlement was located because “high bank”, translated as Rialto, easily escaped from frequent floods. During your tour, you will learn many interesting things about the Most Serene Republic. At the end of the tour you will receive a tasty surprise in the best Venetian café – Venetian sweets!

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