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truffle hunting tuscany

Truffle hunting in Tuscany

Tour to the Agrofarm by car to find truffle or participate on a theoretical exercise.

So we will organize an interesting journey for you into the world of truffles! You will visit the most famous Agrofarm in Tuscany, which has historically been where people hunt for truffles. It is located in a picturesque area between Siena and Florence.

We will offer you a choice between practical hunting for truffles or a class on the theoretical knowledge of truffles.

tuscany truffle hunting

While looking for truffles you will be accompanied by an experienced truffle hunter and his dog. You will see how people can interact with one another, the hunter and the dog – his faithful friend.

The program includes a demonstration of searching and finding truffles. We are confident that this will be a unique and interesting experience that will introduce you to the mysterious world of truffles!

Hunting for this amazing fungus in the Tuscan woods will last about an hour, after which you will be served meal with truffles.

The tour includes a support group with a truffle hunter, the presence of a dog expert, and English-speaking or Russian-speaking guide on request; search for truffles (which we hope you find!) and enjoy a truffle appetiser and its products.

truffle hunting

The theoretical part of the program is called “The Introduction to the World of Truffles.”

On the territory of Agrofarm you will be able to participate in an interactive program where you will learn about the search for truffles: a special “track” will allow you to experience the thrill of hunting the search of truffles, the emotions in finding truffles, and finally you will be able to taste the best recipes created in the laboratory at Agrofarm.

During this Truffle Hunting in Tuscany you will learn a lot about this unusual type of mushrooms: what the features of the truffle hunt are and what the different types of truffle are. You will learn how this fungus is found in Tuscany and where it is used, when the truffle grows, how best to keep them and what dishes are preferable to use it in. They will tell you about the best kind of dog to use for hunting for truffles, although any dog can learn!

Finally, you will learn about the truffle hunter.

truffle hunting toscana1

After the interactive dialogue, you can enjoy a wonderful appetiser with truffle, its derivatives, and Tuscan wine!

See also our tour “Truffle hunting in Piedmont” and contact us with any questions!

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